“No, it’s me.”

“Could I please have a medium iced hazelnut coffee with extra ice and some half and half?” BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP The

Should One Jump Into Using New Diabetes Tools

I spend a great deal of time getting in and out of machinery that when, or should, they malfunction the

Evidence-Based Hope

Evidence-based hope. I can get on board with that. Check out this really great video from the TCOYD team, featuring

Exhibited in CPHI- Japan, 2019

We had exhibited in CPHI -Japan, 2019 on dated 18-20 March, 2019 at Big Sight Exhibition Center, Tokya, Japan. It

The Carbs Are In The Details: Slider Specifics

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Sweaters on Teeth

That feeling of mild fuzz on my teeth when my blood sugars are really high? I loathe that. Diabetes is

2019 Spring Brass Ring Live Auction Items

The Spring Brass Ring Luncheon & Fashion Show is a fun, heartwarming opportunity to support those with type 1 diabetes


Recently I had knee surgery, I will have more upcoming and at the end of the day, and rehab, it

Friendly Robot Vampire

Earlier in the week, I wrote up my thoughts on the Freestyle Libre 14 Day system and also promised perspectives

A Defining Moment……..Can Happen at any Time

Have you ever had a defining moment in your life?  Something happened and at that instant you knew that things